Four decades of experience can mean all the difference - shoring, caissons, excavating, shotcrete – we have done it all. As a leading and fully staffed design and construction firm, we also have in-house resources to provide design-build shoring systems and install systems designed by independent consultants.

Southern California is becoming ever more congested with Owners understandably looking to squeeze every bit of usable square foot out of their properties by building subterranean levels closer to their property lines. Therefore, the requirement to provide a safe, efficient and cost-effective method of excavation support is of paramount importance. Equally important is selecting the right shoring specialty contractor to perform the work. We possess vast experience, modern equipment and resources to properly install your shoring system even under the tightest of schedules. If the shoring system has not been designed, there is not need for concern. We have the in-house professional engineering capabilities to select and design the earth retention system most appropriate for your project.

We specialize in the following types of shoring:
Temporary Soldier Beams and Lagging
Permanent Solider Beams and Lagging
Tieback Anchors – “gravity-flow”
Post Grouted Small Diameter Tieback Anchors
Raker Braces
Soil Nailing
Tangent Walls

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