Sometimes you measure success, not by what you have accomplished, but by the obstacles you have overcome and the steadfast courage with which you have managed yourself. Structural Shotcrete Systems, Inc. has just that kind of history. We have had our taste of challenges, but thanks to determination, courage and force of will, we have risen to dominate our industry.

Back in 1989, one of the most knowledgable men in the industry, James Miller, teamed up with George A. Woodley from Shoring Engineers. Their vision was to start something new – and they took their best shot to get it going. After several bumps and bruises, Miller and Shoring reached out to Jason E. Weinstein in 1991 and a new management team rose up to meet the challenge for a solid foundation for success. A few years later, Jim Miller retired as a new generation entered the arena and invigorated the company anew.

George A. Woodley, Jason Weinstein, George A. Woodley Jr., and Rene Contreras make up the management team. Meanwhile, the shots keep coming and we keep growing – better than ever before.

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